Best Restaurants for Bournemouth Freshers and Students

Are you struggling to find the best restaurants for Bournemouth Freshers? So was I two years ago. Therefore, I compiled a list of the best restaurants to visit in Bournemouth that are student-budget friendly. From quick takeaways to sit-down eateries, this list has you covered.

Solid Breakfast Options?

James and White Bar and Kitchen – This restaurant is an excellent option if you want a sea view while you eat. It is slightly more expensive so I visited once in a while, however the view is enough to make you want to go back.

Circo Lounge – This is a great place to eat if you love burgers and brunches! I’d say that they make some of the best brunch dishes in Bournemouth. I’ve been told that this chain of restaurants is a favourite with the local
residents. With affordable pricing and regular discounts, this makes it one of the best restaurants for Bournemouth Freshers and students.

Forno Pizza – Pizza is one of the most popular dishes amongst freshers students. You cannot go wrong
with one. I went to this place three times during freshers week, its one of my personal favourites!
The pizzas on offer are very nicely priced for students too.

Bournemouth Freshers - Restaurants Circo Lounge & Forno Pizza

From Takeaways to Classics…

McDonald’s – A student classic, and will be familiar to you. I will say queues can get really long at
certain times so watch out for that! After every event during freshers week, it almost certainly
ended with a McDonald’s breakfast.

Wetherspoons – If a cheap drink is what you’re looking for, there are multiple Wetherspoon locations
in Bournemouth, I used to visit The Moon in the Square and The Mary Shelley a lot. They offer some
nice affordable food too, which you can’t go wrong with. It’s a familiar place, making you feel as if
you are at home due to the expansive network of spoons around the country. That is of course
assuming you visit spoons in your home town. As well as this, these pubs are a great place for pre-
drinks during freshers week.

Turtle Bay – This restaurant is perfect if you fancy some Jamaican food. With excellent
seasoning, this is a great place if you are looking for a fiery jerk chicken, mac & cheese, plantain and plenty more delicious dishes Caribbean cuisine has to offer. This restaurant was a regular
place for a lot of my friends at Bournemouth.

Mouth watering already? Visit the Turtle Bay website here.


Restaurants for Bournemouth Freshers: Turtle Bay - Roosters Piri Piri

Roosters Piri Piri Winton – If chicken is what you are looking for, Roosters is a great place to go. My
personal favourite in Bristol for wings and chips, I visited a good few number of times. Food is
affordable here and service is quick and staff are very polite.

Lolas Restaurant – If Mediterranean is what you would like, the best overall place is Lolas Restaurant.
Every time I have come to this restaurant, they have never let me down. The spices they cook meat
here are excellent, during my first year of university as a fresher, I have come here over ten times!

Visit Lola’s Restaurant website here:

Feeling something spicy?

The Coconut Tree – If you can handle the spice, Indian and Sri Lankan food is one of the tastiest cuisines, full of awesome flavours. The Coconut Tree is a very affordable places to eat, making it perfect for Bournemouth students.

Bournemouth Freshers Restaurants: Coconut Tree - Picnic Deli

Visit the Coconut Tree webpage here.

Picnic Park Deli – If you want to go to brunch, Picnic Park Deli is a great option to go to. With prices
generally under £5 for most foods, this ultra-cheap café is amongst one of the best restaurants for Bournemouth freshers and university students. Also, the atmosphere around the café is amazing, with customers frequently taking shots for their Instagram accounts.

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