For most first-year student moving into halls it will be there first time leaving home and being without the guidance and support of parents. For some this is exciting and for others can be quite daunting. Below are some tips, tricks and realities when living in halls. Remember everyone is going to be going through the same thing and should be very welcoming and fun experience.

  • Use fresher’s week to bond with new flatmates:

This will be your first time living away from and the first week you’re going to drunk with people who you didn’t know a couple weeks before but now live with. Use this time to get any awkward encounters out the way. Enjoy the time whilst partying and laugh about it the next day sober and hungover.

  • Create some kind of cleaning routine:

Whilst this doesn’t have to be religiously stuck to, it’s good to have some sort of spoken about routine that everyone knows about as communal areas will become untidy. Try and make it as easy as possible, maybe every Sunday, when you’re all hungover, struggle together and clean. No one wants to live in an untidy place and when there is about 6 people living together mess is bound to happen.

  • Be prepared for food to go ‘missing’:

Milk will disappear, you will go to have your favourite cereal to find there is only crumbs left. The dessert or leftovers you left in the fridge will be a much smaller portion than you remember. This is unfortunately the reality of university halls. Any food items that you really want to preserve and doesn’t need to be placed in the fridge such as crisps and snacks, its best to maybe keep in your room. Label certain items but understand that this is going to happen and whilst it is annoying there will be a time where you’ll pinch your flatmates last slice of bread because you forgot to pick some up from your last shopping trip.

  • It’s not everyday party:

Whilst you have very limited responsibility and no parents watching your every move its very easy to go completely wild and have a wild time – as you should. But always be respectful that not all your flatmates will want to do that. Therefore, if one of your new best friends doesn’t want to come out or just wants some alone time in their room, be respectful of their personal space. This will be apparent when exams come up and the realities of uni life kick in.

  • Essentials you should always have:

Toilet roll (especially when living in en – suite accommodation)

Washing powder


Bottled water to hand in room (remember this after a night out)

Bread, beans, pasta, noodles and eggs (imaginative students can create endless meals with these ingredients)

  • Use your loan wisely!!

Depending on your eligibility each student will be given a maintenance loan each term of £1000+. Whilst it’ll be very tempting to blow this money on clothes and nights out in your first month, remember that you still need to eat, travel and possibly pay some kind of bills such as phone bills. Take only cash on nights out and set yourself a budget. Whilst its part of the experience to run out of money, it’s not fun to go through. Be wise with your money.