Moving in

When you move in, it’ll be hectic for sure but try to make conversation with your new flat and even people in the same building as you, whether it’s passing in the elevator or introducing yourself to the neighbouring flats, get talking! There’s a good chance you’ll see these people again, so get the introduction out of the way!

The Fresher’s fair

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but the fresher’s fair gives you the opportunity to join societies early on and meet people with similar interests. Don’t be afraid or too proud to go and join societies because everyone is in the same position! Go with your flatmates and have a laugh, a lot of these societies throw weekly outings which can be a lot of fun. One important thing to remember: this is a rare opportunity to easily find a new hobby or branch out from your usual business.

Nights out

Clubbing isn’t for everyone, but for many it is a big part of their university experience. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy clubbing then just accept and embrace it, there are plenty of other ways to make friends. For those that do enjoy clubs, they can be a fun experience to share with friends and make new ones. Particularly in fresher’s week, go to a different floor’s pre drinks or to another block entirely- there will be plenty of open flat doors! Relationships can even grow deeper with end-of-evening heart to hearts, funny moments and late night food!

Being open

Life isn’t straightforward so you won’t have a big mixed friendship group like they show on Friends where you everyone gets along perfectly. It’s good to hang out with different groups to satisfy all your different interests, and it’s not good to be on the look-out for the perfect, ideal friend, because they might not exist! Be open to rejection and don’t take it to heart, just understand that not everyone will get along, period.  Have an open door in halls, be welcoming and be nice. Try to remember that every fresher is in the same boat and wants to make friends just as much as you do, so be willing to try new things.

Lectures, Seminars and the Library

The people you meet on your course are people you will most likely be seeing the most, in lectures and seminars especially. Making friends on your course will make lectures much more fun and engaging, and course friends are the best ones to keep you on course in regards to your studies.

Make an effort in halls

This isn’t always the case, but the friends you make in your accommodation may be with you throughout the rest of your university experience. Often they’re the people that you’ll live with in the future and so it’s one of the best opportunities to meet people. Have social media chats to organise outings, have movie nights, and go on nights out together – the possibilities are endless.